SNAKE MOONSHINE 4-inch plant

SNAKE MOONSHINE 4-inch plant

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LOCATION: Can be placed anywhere in a room from a dark corner to by a bright window, though they pefer indirect, steady light with some direct sun. They can adapt to full-sun conditions.

WATER: Over-watering is the main reason these plants die. Allow soil to

completely dry out before watering. During the winter in a low light area,

this plant needs water only once a month. When in doubt, do not water!

SOIL/FERTILIZER: Prefer loose. fast-draining, sandier soil, like an all-purpose

cactus potting soil. Fertilize monthly in warmer months with a cactus plant

food at 1/2 strength. Never use a fertilizer containing nitrates.

TEMPERATURE: Prefers warmer temperatures between 70-90°F, and will

suffer if temperatures fall below 50°F.

PESTS: Seem to be immune to houseplant pests.

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