Rue Bourbon Shave Oil Beard Oil
Rue Bourbon Shave Oil Beard Oil

Rue Bourbon Shave Oil Beard Oil

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Perfect for use before or after you shave, the natural, vegan friendly formula will moisturize and nourish skin leaving it soft and smelling great.

• PHENOMENAL SCENT - With notes of bourbon, oak, and sandalwood, this preposterously moisturizing shave oil nourishes skin while protecting again razor burn.
• NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY FORMULA - Lightweight and non-greasy, the masterful blend of four all natural oils provide intense moisture.
• PRE-SHAVE: Provides moisture while softening hair, ensuring a superior shave experience.
• POST-SHAVE: Nourish and moisturize skin leaving it exceptionally soft. The fantastic scent is just a bonus!
• SHAVE YOUR HEAD? PrePosterous Shave Oil is the perfect compliment to a freshly shaved head. The non-greasy formula will leave your skin soft (but not shiny) and you will smell terrific.

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