River Road Plantation Country Cookbook By Anne Butler
Pelican Publishing

River Road Plantation Country Cookbook By Anne Butler

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Food is central in the picturesque plantation country along the Mississippi River in Louisiana between Baton Rouge and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to wonderful local recipes, this cookbook includes history, humor, people, and places. Vintage photographs of the area and its citizens help make this much more than a cookbook. A trip down the River Road immerses visitors in the spirit of Louisiana, introducing them to the characters who populate the region, the elegant architecture of the old plantation homes, and of course the food. In this historical and culinary guidebook, the life of each home is told through fascinating text, vintage and contemporary photographs, and recipes representative of the traditional fare and evocative of the life once led along the Great River Road.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anne Butler has led a life of diversity, with interests ranging from criminology to cooking, homes located from the East to the West Coast, and jobs ranging from plantation owner to writer. A native of New Orleans, Butler has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor, she has written articles for many publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Country Woman, New Orleans Magazine, and Country Roads. She has also written a number of fiction and nonfiction books based on her numerous interests and lifestyles. Wishing to share the history of Louisiana and of her own family, Butler operates a bed and breakfast on the Butler Greenwood Plantation, which dates to the 1790s. She claims to now know "just about everything there is to know about the area" and is spreading her knowledge farther through her award-winning children's books, travel books, and cookbooks. 

ISBN: 9781589806825
FORMAT: Hardback
PUBLISHER: Pelican Publishing
STATE: Louisiana
SERIES: Plantation Country
PAGES: 256
DIMENSIONS: 8.5 (w) x 11 (h)