Local Leaf Gallery 7oz Wooden Wick Candle

Local Leaf Gallery 7oz Wooden Wick Candle

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Local Leaf Gallery’s own line of 7 oz wooden wick candles!

All candles feature a premium wooden wick and are considered “medium crackle” wicks. They will give off a soothing crackle when burned similar to that of a lit fireplace.

CORAL AND MOSS - A sultry marine scent that will leave an air of mystery in your space. Reminiscent of high-end cologne, it’s a natural blend of enigmatic musk and earthy tones. This candle smells like a moonlit seashore. Essential oils: orange, patchouli, nootka tree and eucalyptus. Fragrance class: musk, aquatic Burn time: 50+ hours

Our candles are hand poured in small batches in Louisiana. Wax is a premium blend of parasoy made in the USA. Wooden wicks are ethically-sourced from FSC-Certified mills in the USA. All candles are free from harmful toxins such as phthalates, parabens and lead. Wet spots may be visible in clear jars. This does not affect the quality of the candle and is not preventable.

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