Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Leissuremann's Cocktail Mixes

Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix

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Leisuremann’s Old Fashioned mix stands as a testament that classic cocktails do not need to be complex and hard to make.

Our Old Fashioned mix boasts robust flavors of old-world bitters as well as a rounded simple syrup sweetness and orange citrus notes. A true Old Fashioned should be enjoyed and shared, utilizing a good spirit to enhance the experience not overshadow it. We triple dog dare you to give our Old Fashioned a drink…trust us you won’t be disappointed! Cheers.

TASTING NOTES:  A Leisuremann's Old Fashioned gives you what you want. A real, bonafide Old Fashioned cocktail in portable traveling form. Striking the balance between sweetness, citrus, bitters, and bourbon makes this humble drink mix shine. This cocktail is best served on the rocks, straight up, or neat - Cheers!

MIXING 101: WATCH HOW TO MAKE A LEISUREMANN’S OLD FASHIONED HERE! or follow these instructions 4 level scoops of mix (scooper included in each jar) + 1 oz H20 + 2 oz Spirit (Bourbon) + Ice

NET WT. 1.76oz (50g) = Approximately 10 cocktails per jar

Cap color and jar style may vary depending on available stock.

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