Lagniappe Spice Mini Seasoning Pack, 1.5 Oz

Lagniappe Spice Mini Seasoning Pack, 1.5 Oz

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Cajunga low country boil seasoning 

  • Use in your boil, steamed seafood, breader, or crab cakes!

New Orleans style Booyah barbecue shrimp mild 

  • A New Orleans Favorite! Use in butter, alfredo or cream cheese.

Backwoods bourbon rub 

  • For those who love the taste of bourbon on their ribs, chicken & steak!  Just rub on the meat before cooking.  Flavorful but not too spicy.

Italian herb seasoning 

  • An Italian blend of herbs and spices great for bread dipping, pasta, and dips!

Smoky Mountain apple rub 

  • Brown sugar based with apple bits.  Makes a nice crust on the outside while keeping the meat tender & juicy on the inside.

Dixieland steak seasoning 

  •  A chunky blend of peppers, garlic & salt

Bodacious blackened seasoning 

  • The best blackened seasoning you will ever try!

Caribbean citrus seasoning 

  • A light but tangy blend of natural citrus flavors!

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