Bee's Knees Cocktail Mix
Bee's Knees Cocktail Mix
Bee's Knees Cocktail Mix
Leissuremann's Cocktail Mixes

Bee's Knees Cocktail Mix

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Leisuremann's Bee's Knees Cocktail Mix offers you the best of the Prohibition cocktails, combining honey simple syrup, prevalent lemon tartness, and the rich aromatics of gin to create a blend so copasetic you will question what the word copasetic actually means!

TASTING NOTES: Blends of sweet honey and abundant lemon complement the floral notes of any gin you throw its way. This cocktail is best served on the straight-up, on the rocks, or neat - Cheers!

MIXING 101: 6 level scoops of mix (scooper included in each jar) + 2 oz H20 + 1.5 oz Spirit (Gin) + Ice // Did you know you can make 5 different cocktails with this one mix? Gin = Bee's Knees | Bourbon = Hot Toddy (Warmed) | Vodka = Honey Lemon Drop | Rum = Bee Sting | Leisuremann’s 75 = Regular Mix + Gin + Champagne

NET WT. 2.12oz (60g) = Approximately 10 cocktails per jar

Cap color and jar style may vary depending on available stock.

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